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METAR Reader 2.0 in development

First of all, I want to thank everybody visited METARReader.com over the past 7 years. Since the initial launch of the website, we have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. We’re really excited to hear stories from flight schools as well as aviation corporations who use our website as their source to retrieve METAR information, as well as to teach their students how to read METAR weather information.

That being said, after about 7 years, the time has come to step it up. We are currently working hard on completely rewriting the decoding engine for METAR Reader 2.0. Besides an even better engine, the new website will also be what you’d expect in 2018. With an improved UI and UX, with more features focused on you, the visitor.

We hope to complete the development of the website in the first quarter of 2018 and can’t wait to present it to you.

Thanks for sticking with us!!
Ferdi Willemse