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METAR Reader Update

It’s been quite a while since posting any updates about the current state of the development of METAR Reader 2.0. It is about six months since the new version of METAR Reader was planned to be released. What happened?

The reason is because life has just been really busy last year. Luckily, the development of METAR Reader 2.0 is still going on. The new version is super fast and future proof. The decode engine will be much faster and I’m also planning to release the website as a PWA, also known as Progressive Web App. In other words, you’ll be able to install it on your computer and Android device, and hopefully soon as a functioning iOS PWA.

All in all, the new version should be a whole new experience, while keeping the best features from the current. But of course, improved.

METAR Reader iOS App
Since the METAR Reader iOS App is way overdue and not even compatible with larger screens anymore, I decided to make the app free on the App Store about half a year ago. Once the new METAR Reader is released, everything should be back in 2018 again.

How can I help?

Please consider supporting the project by donating if you have a spare buck laying around 🙂