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save money on your next flight ticket

Trick: Save Money Ordering a Plane Ticket

Are you planning on ordering a plane ticket anytime soon? Here is an easy solution to possibly save you a lot of money for your next flight.
Make sure you put your browser into “Private” or “Incognito” mode. Airfare websites tend to make ticket prices higher if they see you have visited the website more than once.

Browser shortcuts to open a window in Incognito/Private mode

PC: Ctrl+Shift+N
Mac: Command+Shift+N
PC: Ctrl+Shift+P
Mac: Command+Shift+P


safari-settingsClick the settings icon
Click “Private Browsing”
Internet Explorer
PC: Ctrl+Shift+P

When your browser is operating in Private or Incognito mode, existing cookies are not read and new cookies will be deleted after all private/incognito windows are closed. This way there will be no information available to websites regarding your browsing behavior and thus will be unable to see how many times you have visited the website before.