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Video: Bob Hoover performing engine out aerobatics

For the impatient: Skip to the 6:16 mark to see the maneuver.

Robert A. “Bob” Hoover performs aerobatic maneuvers in the twin engine Aero Commander Shrike business aircraft. Included are loops, rolls and landings with one and both engines shut down. Mr. Hoover is recognized as one of the greatest airshow pilots of all time and is probably best remembered for his incredible exhibitions in the Aero Commander, a passenger aircraft never intended for use as seen here.

The Aero Commander was manufactured by Rockwell-Standard, which merged with North American Aviation in 1967 to form North American Rockwell. Mr. Hoover, a long time employee of NAA, had been doing spectacular aerobatic displays in the P-51 Mustang for a number of years and soon added the Aero Commander Shrike to his performance.