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Video: Kamov Ka-26 – This must be totally safe

Actually, it should be totally safe. According to Liveleak user ‘planestrainsautomobiles’:

“Whats messed up is that so many ignorant folks make ignorant comments about things they are ignorant of.

The smoking is completely normal on the M14P, same for all radial engines, its an inherent nature of the design. When the engine is cold oil simply seeps past the split-rings of the bottom cylinders into the heads, if that didn’t happen the engine wouldn’t run properly. As for the sound during start-up, again that is the nature of the air-starter, which is used to to its reliability and light weight.

The M14P is a spectacularly reliable engine, more so than just about every other aircraft ICE ever designed, so much so that they have become very popular in the U.S. Same goes for the Kamov itself.”