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Video: Two airplanes collide, one pilot dead

One pilot has died after two planes collided in flight before the start of a local airshow on the beaches of Tortoreto on Italy’s Adriatic coast. The crash happened on a sunny day as families gathered for a fun day out at the beach.

The incident took place just ahead of Frecce Tricolori airshow when two members of the QBR, “Goodfellas”, amateur sports team were performing stunts in their two-seater propeller planes. The airshow scheduled later for Sunday was canceled.

According to local authorities, a 47- year old pilot from Sienna, Marco Ricci, died in the crash. He was found dead under the fuselage of his plane about 2 kilometers offshore, according to Teramo’s fire department. His body was recovered by divers who first used an air balloon to resurface the plane, before pulling the light aircraft ashore.