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Video: Helicopter clips ground, rotor blade kills spectator

Helicopter Clips Ground Rotor Blade Hits Spectator

A recently released video shows an EC-120 piloted by a 79-year old man clipping the ground during a festival in Germany in September 2012. After clipping the ground with the right skid, the helicopter starts rolling over, crashing onto its side. Shrapnel from the rotor blades was sent flying into the crowd of spectators killing a 37-year old father. Two ...

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Video: Super King Air 200 crashes at drag strip


A Beechcraft Super King Air 200, Air Ambulance from Air Myflug, crashes on a drag strip in Iceland. There were three people on board of which the pilot and medic were killed. Miraculously the co-pilot survived with minor injuries. There were no injuries on the ground. The investigation is still ongoing. The airplane was fully functional and well maintained, but ...

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